Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tazria 5771: I'm in a pure state of mind

A fun interpretation of the Torah, The Torah in Haiku.  There is also a book called the Haggadah in Haiku.  I would have quoted the author on this week's episode, except that I have not yet received his permission, so I am linking to his materials for you to look on your own!  

An article giving more "medical" information on what the diseases were that are mentioned in the parasha.

I seem to have messed up my facebook page!  Sorry.  I will try to fix it!


  1. In wondering why the longer period of isolation for a girl baby, perhaps it has to do with bonding of the respective parents with the same sex offspring. The father needs to bond with the male baby, who is allowed out into the world immediately. The father might be jealous of the mothers infatuation with the male baby. The mother needs to protect the female baby, who is less vulnerable and less prized, at least to most of the males. So she gets more time to bond with her mother. Just a thought!

    Hope you are well.


  2. Love your take on this Eden. Thanks for sharing! P


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