About Torah Threads

Welcome to Torah Threads.  This Podcast will explore the weekly Torah portion and its relevance to our daily lives as we pursue paths to help achieve Tikkun Olam--The Repair of the World.

I will attempt in twenty minutes each week to give you a little insight into the weekly Torah portion.  As the rabbis remind us, the more you turn the Torah over and over again, the more you find.  This twenty minute look will I hope,  give you the desire to taste more deeply the beauty and richness of this text.   I will try to post the weekly portion on Sundays so you can have the whole week to delve into the text more deeply and to contemplate the questions I will pose.

Please feel free to leave comments to create a healthy, interesting discussion.  But please be respectful, caring and concerned about those who will read your posts.  This is not a time for denominational bashing, or the pushing of any agenda.  You can listen to my intro to learn more about me and what my background and biases are as they will impact on the way I present my interpretations of the text.  Please note:  The Torah has been constantly interpreted over the years and everyone has the right to his/her own opinion. 

I look forward to hearing what you have to say as we journey together through the threads of Torah.