Saturday, December 25, 2010

VaEra 5771: A God by Any Other Name

Vaera 5771:  A God by Any Other Name

A good summary about the different names of God can be found in this Wikipedia article.

Please also consider listening to Forgotten Classics by Julie D.  There is an episode in the Notes to the Reader,  the introduction to Robert Alter’s translation of Genesis, which contains a discussion of the names of God in Genesis.  You can find Forgotten Classics on Itunes or you can follow the link here.  There are additional “note to the Reader” episodes which also have very interesting information about the Bible in general, issues of translation and the names of God.  Please note that Julie does not speak Hebrew and tries very hard to spell words instead of mispronouncing them.  It makes it a little harder to listen to, but her devotion to accuracy is impressive!

Please listen to and look at the show notes for Parshat Noah to hear more about the names of God and their connection to the different editorial strands of the text.

Portable recording devices anyone?  Suggestions for the best one to use on the fly.  Donations towards its purchase are greatly appreciated.

Names for our ram?  We have a new Tunis ram still waiting for a name.  Suggestions? 

What does God stiffening Pharaoh’s heart mean?  Is there a difference between the times the text tells us that God stiffened Pharaoh’s heart versus the times it simply states that Pharaoh hardened his own heart?

Comments please!

P.S.  Happy Secular New Year to all. 

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