Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vayehi 5771-Blessings, Endings & Beginnings

Vayehi 5771

Jacob’s Blessings for his sons and grandsons

A few things to note:

  1. The order of the blessings is not the same as their birth order
  2. All sons from concubines and wives are treated the same
  3. Younger sons are treated better than older ones continuing the Biblical tradition from Isaac on.

             Birth                          Blessing                                  Highlights of Blessing
1.     Rueben   (Leah)                  Rueben                    Disgrace for sleeping with Bilha
2.     Simeon   (Leah)                  Simeon                     Cursed for actions against Shechem
3.     Levi       (Leah)                   Levi                         Cursed for actions against Shechem
4.     Judah     (Leah)                  Judah                       Raised up to rule over everyone
5.     Dan       (Bilhah)                 Zebulun                   Sailor
6.     Naphtali  (Bilhah)               Issachar                    Hard-working, seeking security
7.     Gad       (Zilpah)                 Dan              Govern tribes, powerful threat to others
8.     Asher     (Zilpah)                Gad                          Raid and be raided
9.     Issachar (Leah)                   Asher                       Rich, line of royalty
10.   Zebulon  (Leah)                  Naphtali                   Good progenitor
11.   Joseph   (Rachel)                Joseph          Blessed with wealth and power.  Elect of
12.   Benjamin (Rachel)              Benjamin                 Powerful but fair

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