Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tetzaveh 5771: Priestly Fibers

For More information about Priestly Garb look at: 
The Temple Institute detailed drawings and descriptions

For more information on the Urim & Thummim  look at the Jewish Encyclopedia

For more information on why the words Urim and Thummim appear in Hebrew on the Seal of Yale University look at: 


  1. Thanks so much for these links! They really bring the parsha to life. I saw The Tabernacle book years ago and have been searching for it ever since. I have never seen the way the Priestly garments are made before thought. It is really amazing to see the Torah's instructions carried out.

  2. Dear Eden:

    I am glad you enjoyed looking at these links. I am also in awe of how people were able to make these reproductions. P


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